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To build a system of Personal Story Modification it requires bright innovative thinkers in social work and technology with specific efficiencies in machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

To build a self-assessment tool that can know each person he/she connects with for therapeutic benefit, it requires a significant amount of knowledge, experience, and fortitude to research, test, deploy and monitor over the long term.  While many components of AI and machine learning are already invented, the code that is required to apply the learning gathered will be our hard work.  

We need PhD colleagues who can build a test model and who can write and publish scientific papers on the results. We will need counselors to provide guidelines for use and engineers to design and build the hardware and software required to deliver the promise of self-assessment technology that includes the methodology to apply Personal Story Modification.

We also need volunteers to test with in double-blind studies.  Our volunteers are valued and we will ask that each will provide us feedback during the research period.

Finally, we need many who will challenge us to the highest standard, not to save the world, but to create a better life for those that truly want it.

This team also includes donor support, scientific grants, and software licensing to continue to grow the core technology over the long term.  

This invention, a combination of traditional counseling techniques with sophisticated technology, is to help a host of beneficiaries.  

We believe that what we are creating can be uniquely applied to any human programming dysfunction from criminal behavior to grandiosity, addiction, phobias and everything in between them.

We also believe that this invention will ultimately be able to identify and reprogram belief systems that generate specific disease conditions.

Our anecdotal research demonstrates that a long term negative feeling causes disease.


Hate.  Despair.  Jealousy.  Betrayed.  Each negative feeling will ultimately create a disease if experienced for a long period of time.


I believe ____________.  When my programmed belief is violated, I feel ______________.

Change your belief and relieve the feeling and prevent the disease.

Example:  I am not good enough (developed in early childhood).  As long as he/she feels “not good enough” he/she is in alignment with the programming.   When he/she is noticed and elevated for “very good” results, he/she may feel “fake” and as a result a long term feeling of “I’m a fake” will result in a disease condition as he/she excels. Humans always seek balance/alignment with programming, so he/she may even sabotage success to stay true to the belief, “I am not good enough.”  This means that this person will either purposely fail or get a disease to force him/her back to the belief, “I am not good enough.”

We are all driven by our programming.  We are all limited to our programming.  This is the foundation of why Personal Story Modification will free those that apply it.  You no longer need to conform to the programming you recorded as a result of life’s events, your DNA or how your parent’s raised you.

This is just one example of millions that can be changed to prevent disease and live a life in harmony with one’s desire.

This means that I Affirm will work with partners to build a bridge between medical and psychology professionals.  Why?  Because body and mind are truly connected.  Our stress, our emotions cause disease.  

Medicine and Psychology have always been separated and to the disservice of patients.  Our goal is to unite them to deliver a better healthcare model.

The only way to help people prevent disease is to do preventative emotional work.  We believe that path is through Personal Story Modification


Our Team is Everything.

Our Board of Directors come from a variety of professional backgrounds from across the world.

We establish strategic partnerships with the world’s most experienced and committed researchers in psychology, machine learning, AI and hi-tech modalities for helping people change behavior through Personal Story Modification.

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Alexandrea Day

She is Founder of I Affirm and the process of Personal Story Modification. With 18 years of experience as a counselor and 18 years building tech / producing videos, Alexandrea has envisioned a tool and process to change self-harming behavior. She will combine counseling techniques with technology to create a self-assessment tool that identifies what and how to change behaviors while reducing emotional triggers that drive it.

Ruth Aquilani

She is an avid beach-goer and commits to doing what she can to keep world beautiful, clean and healthy.

Jane Ansems

The appreciation and love that she has for wildlife and animals makes her especially concerned about environment