iAffirm was co-founded in 2020 by Alexandrea Day and Tom Hunden, with a vision anchored in legacy and the pursuit of lasting impact. Under Alexandrea’s guidance, iAffirm was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, endowed with her extensive repository of training materials, publications, and methodologies integral to Adaptive Therapy.

The genesis of Adaptive Therapy dates back to 1984, the year Alexandrea encountered Dr. Wayne Topping’s pioneering work in alternative healing, which today serves as the bedrock of Adaptive Therapy. Dr. Topping’s expertise in applied kinesiology and related fields not only catalyzed Alexandrea’s own healing journey but also spurred her towards deepening and disseminating this knowledge. She refined these methods, not only to surmount her health challenges but to also evolve the techniques for broader application, emphasizing ethical, client-empowered healing practices.

Progressing from practice to pedagogy, Alexandrea’s pursuit led her to establish a licensed vocational school in Washington State. Here, the curriculum was meticulously crafted to empower practitioners with a holistic and authentic approach to self-healing. Adaptive Therapy, as taught by iAffirm, encourages therapists to engage in profound personal development, ensuring that they can guide clients with integrity and depth.

Adaptive Therapy’s philosophy is rooted in the conviction that each individual harbors an innate wisdom, capable of steering their healing and growth. iAffirm’s training embraces this wisdom, transforming it into a communicable language for self-discovery and actualization. This unique therapy transcends conventional modalities by enabling direct dialogue with the inner self, offering a key to unlock personal truths and pathways to wellness.

The turn of the millennium saw Alexandrea shifting her focus towards technological innovation, harnessing her experience to make self-help tools universally accessible and scalable. Her resolve crystalized into a mission: to democratize self-healing, ensuring efficiency and affordability, thereby catering to the most critical client demand—tangible results.

Today, iAffirm stands as a testament to the transformative power of Adaptive Therapy. It represents Alexandrea’s transition from a path marked by personal health struggles to one filled with joy and the privilege of guiding others. The commitment of iAffirm to Adaptive Therapy not only honors Alexandrea’s legacy but continues to inspire and enable countless individuals to navigate their unique journeys toward purposeful living.