Society is Devolving Instead of Evolving.


Programming of the Human Brain.

Unfortunately, humankind has created methods and processes to automatically program the human brain, without conscious awareness or choice that has polarized humans. Programming of human perception used to be formulated by those that had the best interest of the human, at heart, such as parents.  It’s bled its way into society first with education, then advertising, and now media, including news, social media, and political juggernauts.


Modify existing programming and implement safeguards from future automatic programming.

That sounds easy, but is it?

Not really.  But understanding how we are programmed is critical and once that is understood, then we humans can get back to choice.

New programming occurs through four requirements:

  1.  The source must be trusted.  Trust is built by reassuring the victim that they are understood, and cared for, and you have something they need.
  2. Emotion is used to trigger the threat assessment center of the brain to get buy-in.
  3. Repetition is required to drum in the message.
  4. Will my peers accept me is the final validator (explains the power of referral)?

To reverse unwanted programming will first require the identification of it and then reversing it.  

To protect your brain is another story but involves the process of always questioning whatever enters your senses.  If you question you drive your brain back to having choice.