Prevent Exploitation by Donating to Research that Amplified Human Intuition


People have lost touch with their inner knowing, the little whispers that come to mind when faced with a decision or confronted with information, a situation or a person. Our busy, data-intrusive bombardment of too much information, 24/7 never slow down, and drop into more stimulation, “to relax,” lifestyle we live, has destroyed our ability to pay attention. Our human warning system is down.

Remember when your intuition would urge you to alter your behavior or make a different choice? Do you hear it anymore? Most people don’t and instead behave defensively as if under attack. The Covid-19 pandemic was the final all-encompassing stressor that pushed almost everyone over the edge. And now, we are exhausted and wish for days gone by. But is this


Iaffirm provides a warning system to amplify the innate human “internal voice” that has been desensitized by the constant barrage of life’s events. Through this augmentation, IAffirm enhances intuition so important decisions can be made, over time, or on demand instantly.

IAffirm’s proprietary algorithms circumvent* the process of believing something without question, through the amplification of conscious awareness, allowing free will to make the choice instead.

Society has turned up the volume, so humans also need to do so, or drown in a sea of too much information, surrendering their identity to anyone that wants to exploit them.

The identity security product is called IAffirm.

We ask for donations to research, build and distribute an intuition-amplification solution to help people live the best version of themselves.

Thank you, in advance.