Donate a Therapy Session to Someone in Need

Access to affordable therapy is in short supply.  iAffirm wants to change this in two ways.  1) to teach Adaptive Therapy techniques that identifies and changes perceptions and core beliefs quickly and 2) to offer free or low cost therapy sessions to the under-served.

The underserved include those suffering from addiction, inner city kids and families, single parents, and those in poverty, nationwide.

Please donate so that many can have the opportunity to have sessions with a licensed Cognitive-behavioral therapist (trained in Adaptive Therapy techniques, every 3 weeks for a few months to address and change self-liming or even harmful unconscious agendas.  This will reap great rewards including giving a hand up to those that are down and to motivate those who are lost, leading to hope and the unraveling of a path to purpose which all humans need to thrive.

Thank you so much.


Personal counselor