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This workbook is dedicated to my daughter, a front-line Covid-hero, working on the Covid ward in Kirkland, Washington, where the first cases were cared for. She is in school to better her life in medicine and works at the Kirkland hospital. She used to work in the surgery department but upon closure of it she shifted over to helping Covid patients. I’m so proud of her and I trust she will be safe.

I work my own “programs” to identify and change belief systems that cause me stress, rest assured. I know how important it is to accept what we can’t change. I know it’s difficult to give up sovereignty for a month or for a few years, which we may be faced with. Once you clear your own obstacles to it, find acceptance, you get to become part of the healing, reshaping of our future(s). You will find peace and experience resilience.

My daughter inspired me as I watched her decide about working around Covid without enough PPE. She decided she could because she believes she will be okay when she catches Covid. This is the power of positive thinking. Her confidence lead me to write this workbook to help others re-frame how this pandemic is perceived, from “end of world” thinking to “better world in the making.”

I wish you all well-being and peace of mind.

Alexandrea Day

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