Just one session will change how you view yourself

A 1-hour session with an Adaptive Therapy therapist will change your life; help you unravel your path to purpose – $150.00

You no longer need to be mystified about why you feel the way you do.  You will learn the principles to modify your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to help propel you toward your purpose.

  • We help you empower yourself
  • Your answers are inside of you and we’ll help you find them
  • Find your purpose

Please make an appointment below with one of our Licensed Therapists that is certified in Adaptive Therapy Techniques. The cost is $150.00 for one hour, payable upon booking.

If you need financial aid to see a therapist please click the Request a Voucher button to sign-up.

Sessions – once every three weeks are recommended.

  • Take time to process new responses to situation that would normally set you off
  • You will develop more compassion
  • You will look inward to find fulfillment instead of outside of yourself, that never seems to work
  • Your perspective will change from feeling guilty to forgiving yourself
  • You will understand that your feelings, behavior, and thoughts are not your fault but the result of programming from outside of yourself
  • You’ll be starting a path to your purpose; we’ll help you find it