Our Mission

Our education mission is dedicated to training at least 1,000 therapists to teach for iAffirm and offer appointments applying Adaptive Therapy techniques by integrating them into his/her existing practice.

Our research mission is to validate applied kinesiology.  We are in the process of setting up research to demonstrate evidence-based validation and to offer a replacement in the form of a device with sensors connected to an app.

We also intend to refer clients to certified therapists and those that become certified trainers, assign zoom meetings with learners, to develop connection between them.

Please let us know your interest and we’ll call you to discuss the process, courses, and costs, etc.

We also believe it is our responsibility to be true to what we teach.

As a result, we will not be advertising, marketing or Promoting our programs.

We know and teach that companies do, to influence people to buy through the building of trust, using emotions, and repetition to achieve it.

iAffirm recognizes that this is the formula for accessing the unconscious mind and programming it.

As a result, iAffirm is committed to avoid advertising, marketing and promotion.

Instead, iAffirm will only announce its programs and rely on success with customers to inform others.

We appreciate and welcome anyone that is ready to make their own choices that lead to a meaningful purpose.