To scientifically validate Personal Story Modification it requires bright innovative scientists in the mental and medical fields AND people willing to be test subjects.

I Affirm is seeking volunteers that are willing to change limiting belief systems and then report results.

We are all driven by and often limited by our belief systems, our “programming.”  This is the goal of Personal Story Modification, to free those that apply it.  You no longer need to conform to the programming you recorded as a result of life’s events, your DNA or how your parent’s raised you.

Participating in our research, you will provide results anonymously, which will then be used to scientifically quantify the data to measure positive results.  Why?  Because this alternative method of applying affirmations needs to enter mainstream to give people a self-help method to safely and for low cost, change belief systems that are detrimental to one’s life.  Body and mind are truly connected.  Our stress, our emotions cause disease and this method, we expect, to be the breakthrough for positive mental attitude leading to a better, more healthy life.


I believe ____________.  When my programmed belief is violated, I feel ______________.

Change your belief and relieve the feeling and prevent the disease.

Example:  I am not good enough (developed in early childhood).  As long as he/she feels “not good enough” he/she is in alignment with the programming.   When he/she is noticed and elevated for “very good” results, he/she may feel “fake” and as a result a long term feeling of “I’m a fake” will result in a disease condition as he/she excels. Humans always seek balance/alignment with programming, so he/she may even sabotage success to stay true to the belief, “I am not good enough.”  This means that this person will either purposely fail or get a disease to force him/her back to the belief, “I am not good enough.”

Our Team is Everything.

Our Board of Directors come from a variety of professional backgrounds from across the world.

We establish strategic partnerships with the world’s most experienced and committed researchers in psychology, machine learning, AI and hi-tech modalities for helping people change behavior through Personal Story Modification.

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Alexandrea Day

Alexandrea is co-founder of I Affirm and inventor of the process: Personal Story Modification. With 18 years of experience as a counselor and 18 years building tech / producing videos, Alexandrea has envisioned a tool and process to change self-harming behavior. She will combine counseling techniques with technology to create a self-assessment tool that identifies what and how to change behaviors while reducing emotional triggers that drive it.

Tom Hunden

Tom is co-founder and Executive Director of I Affirm and a twenty-five-year client and friend of Alexandrea Day. In 2019 he received his MBA from the Foster School of Business at the the University of Washington and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Media & Communications from The Evergreen State College. Tom is an avid meditator in the Nishkam Karma tradition, a student of Vedic philosophy, and is passionate about research in the fields of consciousness, psychology, and mental health.