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To scientifically validate our method of perception modification, it requires bright innovative scientists in the mental and medical fields AND people willing to be test subjects.

We are all driven by and often limited by our belief systems, our “programming.”  This is the goal of Adaptive Therapy, to free those that apply it.  You no longer need to conform to the programming you recorded as a result of life’s events, your DNA or how your parent’s raised you.

Participating in our research, you will provide results anonymously, which will then be used to scientifically quantify the data to measure positive results.  Why?  Because this alternative method of applying affirmations needs to enter mainstream to give people a self-help method to safely and for low cost, change belief systems that are detrimental to one’s life.  Body and mind are truly connected.  Our stress, our emotions cause disease and this method, we expect, to be the breakthrough for positive mental attitude leading to a better, more healthy life.


Dr. Lorelei Walker, Research Program Manager

Lorelei, iAffirm’s Research Program Manager, is a public health technical expert, community advocate, researcher, policymaker, labor leader, and science educator. Her interdisciplinary focus fuels community-centric action enabling systemic change for the greater good. Dr. Walker earned a PhD and MPH from the University of Washington’s School of Public Health, Institute for Public Health Genetics. Her work focused on environmental embodiment, stress response programming, allostatic load, adverse childhood experiences, environmental toxicants, epigenetic adaptation, health equity, and community organizing.

Dr. Walker has served on several boards, founded a public health nonprofit, taught at-risk youth, was an NIH workgroup member, published multiple research papers, created several professional development programs, advocated for children’s environmental health, and written health equity policy.

She currently lives in Sammamish, WA with her 7-year-old daughter where both are thankful schools are open and the birds are singing.

Alexandrea Day, Founder IAffirm, CEO GenoEmote, Innovator

Alexandrea has blended two careers as a therapist for 18 years and 18 years as a visual technologist to create a range of products that serve humanity.  These include the integration of self-awareness apps and EEG technology to support Self-directed leadership, living, and therapy.

Alexandrea, author, educator, patent-holder, has created GenoEmote to carry out her legacy project from her 501 (c) 3 non-profit, IAffirm.  IAffirm addresses the gap between medical and mental disease treatments to measure the impact of psychosocial events that cause stress and provide patients with evidence-based and effective treatment plans, by conducting research, education and care to the underserved. GenoEmote is the for-profit sister company to exclusively build products upon the research and knowledgebase assigned to IAffirm.

Alexandrea’s book, “Self-Directed Living, Building identity resilience in a dynamic world,” is Adaptive theory for the modern world.  Our non-stop lives are killing us and there is no treatment. This is what Alexandrea has set out to change, including a pocket therapist, curriculum for medical schools to establish a specialty called Adaptive Medicine, and to develop emotion-based pharmaceuticals, all in partnership with like-minded mission leaders.

Tom Hunden, MBA, BOD

Tom is on the Board of Directors of iAffirm and is a twenty-five-year client and friend of Alexandrea Day. In 2019 he received his MBA from the Foster School of Business at the the University of Washington and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Media & Communications from The Evergreen State College. Tom is an avid meditator in the Nishkam Karma tradition, a student of Vedic philosophy, and is passionate about research in the fields of consciousness, psychology, and mental health.

Dr. Muhammad Ovais, Tech Ethicist

Muhammad Ovais is an expert in Nanotechnology, Dual-Use and Biosecurity. He did his MPhil in Biotechnology from Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan and PhD in Nanoscience and Technology from the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing, China.

He is a strong advocate of Dual-Use Awareness in scientific research and has worked closely with the European Commission and CRDF Global (USA). He has a strong understanding of Nano-ethics and developing ethical frameworks for emerging technologies.

Dr. Ovais is the recipient of over 30 international awards and has published numerous research studies, reviews, editorials and book chapters in top of the field peer-reviewed journals/publishers such as, Advanced Materials-Wiley, NanoToday-Elsevier, Science Bulletin-Elsevier, Nanomedicine-Future Medicine, Frontiers in Pharmacology-Frontiers, Health Security-Mary Ann Liebert and Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology-Springer Nature. Besides working on many tech start-ups he considers it vital to regulate the Nano-bio interface from an ethical lens.

Our Valued Advisors

Dr. Yanina Tsenkina, Scientific Advisor

Yanina has a PhD in Neuroscience & Regenerative Medicine from the University of Edinburgh, UK. She has trained at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and has served as a Science Communication Officer at the European Research Council. Yanina completed a postdoctoral training in Neuroscience with “The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis” at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine. She has 15+ years of experience in Biomedical Science as a bench scientist, lab manager, project leader, mentor, consultant, and entrepreneur.

Yanina has extensive experience in pre-clinical & clinical drug development, pharma/biotech consulting, project management, science communication, data analysis, and team management. She is passionate about biotechnology innovation and entrepreneurship in biomedical & pharmaceutical industry. She has multiple peer-reviewed publications in neuroscience, cell therapy, stem cells, animal models of disease, epigenetics. Yanina currently serves as a CEO of CYC Biomedical Consulting.

Scott Alexander, MBBS, MSC & Senior Advisor

Scott is a physician who shifted from practice into medical affairs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He has experience working in small start-up to multi-billion-dollar companies providing medical expertise to direct and evolve business strategy. Scott has a passion for mental health and sees the gap in patient care when treating which has led to him joining Day and her team to help create a data-driven, evidenced-based product to help healthcare teams provide the best standard of care for patients struggling with stress and its complications.

John Davidoff, MATL, OD Senior Advisor

John Davidoff is the founder and Chief Mission-Driver of Davidoff Mission-Driven Business Strategy. With 35 years of experience working with local, national and international nonprofits, philanthropic foundations, associations, municipalities, and business organizations, John Davidoff is recognized as a leader in strategic planning, marketing and communications, thought leadership, partnership marketing, sponsorship, and business development. He is the architect of Davidoff’s proprietary Mission-Driven Strategy & Marketing methodology.

Prior to founding Davidoff Strategy in 2005, John held executive management positions with DDB Worldwide, Omnicom, General Growth Properties, and Entertainment Marketing, Inc. John’s broad client experience includes work in social causes, education, healthcare, the environment, public transportation, and arts.

John is a founding board member and secretary of the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential. He is a graduate of the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in New York and recently completed his Master’s in Transformational Leadership and Coaching at the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential.  John is a candidate for a doctorate in transformational leadership and coaching. His dissertation studies the process people use to shift from limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs in support of creating a stronger self.  John lives in Evanston, IL with his wife and business partner Jacki Davidoff.  The Davidoff’s have two young adult sons.