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To scientifically validate our method of perception modification, it requires bright innovative scientists in the mental and medical fields AND people willing to be test subjects.

We are all driven by and often limited by our belief systems, our “programming.”  This is the goal of Adaptive Therapy, to free those that apply it.  You no longer need to conform to the programming you recorded as a result of life’s events, your DNA or how your parent’s raised you.

Participating in our research, you will provide results anonymously, which will then be used to scientifically quantify the data to measure positive results.  Why?  Because this alternative method of applying affirmations needs to enter mainstream to give people a self-help method to safely and for low cost, change belief systems that are detrimental to one’s life.  Body and mind are truly connected.  Our stress, our emotions cause disease and this method, we expect, to be the breakthrough for positive mental attitude leading to a better, more healthy life.


Alexandrea Day, Founder IAffirm, CEO GenoEmote, Innovator

Alexandrea has blended two careers as a therapist for 18 years and 18 years as a visual technologist to create a range of products that serve humanity.  These include the integration of self-awareness apps and EEG technology to support Self-directed leadership, living, and therapy.

Alexandrea, author, educator, patent-holder, has created GenoEmote to carry out her legacy project from her 501 (c) 3 non-profit, IAffirm.  IAffirm addresses the gap between medical and mental disease treatments to measure the impact of psychosocial events that cause stress and provide patients with evidence-based and effective treatment plans, by conducting research, education and care to the underserved. GenoEmote is the for-profit sister company to exclusively build products upon the research and knowledgebase assigned to IAffirm.

Alexandrea’s book, “Meta-Brain,” is Adaptive theory for the modern world.  Our non-stop lives are killing us and there is no treatment. This is what Alexandrea has set out to change, including a pocket therapist, curriculum for medical schools to establish a specialty called Adaptive Medicine, and to develop emotion-based pharmaceuticals, all in partnership with like-minded mission leaders.

Tom Hunden, MBA, BOD

Tom is on the Board of Directors of iAffirm and is a twenty-five-year client and friend of Alexandrea Day. In 2019 he received his MBA from the Foster School of Business at the the University of Washington and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Media & Communications from The Evergreen State College. Tom is an avid meditator in the Nishkam Karma tradition, a student of Vedic philosophy, and is passionate about research in the fields of consciousness, psychology, and mental health.